Certifies that the cosmetic has been produced with active ingredients of natural origin or obtained from organic plantations and crops.

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Certifies that the product contains Aloe Vera of organic origin, PRODUCED EXCLUSIVELY from Aloe Vera FRESH LEAVES of the variety Barbadensis Mill and processed only by mechanical methods.

  1. Cut and clean the leaf manually.
  2. Remove the fillet or meat and clean the aloin residues.
  3. Crushed and filtered mechanically.
  4. Stabilization and conservation with natural products.

This process ensures the quality of Aloe in the elaboration of cosmetics with optimized result. Through TRANSALOEVERA ® quality seal, we can certify that these procedures have been supervised by qualified staff, giving veracity to the method of extraction of Aloe Vera juice.

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Is a company with over 30 years of experience in the sector based in Barcelona (SPAIN). Its main activity is the design and development of Natural Cosmetics as well as its production. It currently controls the certification of products made with organic ingredients and/or organic farming.

Due to high costs to certify the organic products by private companies, our laboratory uses the more optimal documentary methods and registered traceability, in order to guarantee and certify the legitimacy of the product elaborated with natural ingredients. This certification is to be executed after the review of all the safety dossiers and data sheets of each ingredient, as well as the compatibility of the containers where the final product is to be packaged. The production laboratory must also demonstrate the proper compliance of good manufacturing practices. The end result establishes minimum percentage classification parameters in order to use our community stamp, ECOACTIVE CERTIFIED ®. The certification of each product will be reviewed annually and each batch is controlled in compliance with the standards of certification.

Parallel to the European register of quality ECOACTIVE CERTIFIED ®, we provide another national certificate, the TRANSALOEVERA ®, which is a quality assurance that Aloe Vera is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, also from organic farming, comes exclusively from fresh leaves of Aloe Vera of the variety Barbadensis Mill.


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